Staron is a Solid Surface which is 100% Waterproof and because it is not a Multi-Layered product, It will not Delaminate. Staron colourful Designs run consistently and throughout its Thickness. The Solid Colour effect allows Staron to follow the contours of a shape without the need for joints or separately applied edges. Staron is also 100% Non-Porous to so harmful germs are prevented from being absorbed within the surface, Its also easy to clean and maintain with just a mild detergent and a damp cloth. That's all it needs to keep it looging good.

Below is a variety of Sample Colour Avaliable

Tempest whippoorwill
Tempest Zenith
Tempest Genesis
Supreme Cloudbank
Pebble Blue
Aspen Brown
Supreme Magnolia
Sanded Dark Nebula
Tempest SilverCloud
Tempest StarFire
Tempest Blaze
Supreme Dandelion
Aspen Snow
Aspen Fiesta
Aspen Glacier
Tempest Glimmer
Supreme Loam
Supreme Dawn
Supreme Delphi
Metallic Galaxy
Supreme Pastoral
Sanded Onyx
Sanded Heron
Aspen Sky